Helpful Study Skills & Advice
from an expert science tutor

Here are some ideas that students have found to be very helpful as they prepared for exams and tests.
  • Study in a different places; it improves the amount of knowledge retained when the test comes. (
  • Study a bunch of different stuff all at the same time. For example, if you have a test on the circulatory system, make a list of all of the terms you need to know, then randomly go from term to term. Go from coronary artery to venule, for example. (
  • Try writing, speaking and reading the material. Each technique stimulates your brain in a different way, and cultivates much deeper and solid understandings of the concepts which can lead to higher test scores. (
  • Do not wait until the day of the test to study. Try your best. Don't give up. Studying leads to knowledge. Knowledge leads to success.
  • Read your notes and handouts again and again. Then read them out loud!
  • Rewrite your notes.
  • Look up words you don't understand or know, read about them, and then explain the words you just learned to other people.
  • Try to explain what you need to know to someone who does not know the information (example: parents, guardians, brothers, sisters, friends).
  • Draw pictures of what the words you need to know mean. While you are drawing, think or say out loud the concepts or words you are drawing.
  • Make flashcards and play games with them. Click here for instructions!
  • Do not listen to people talking about the test right before it is passed out or in the hall as you wait to go in. Doing so will just make you nervous, and you might lose your confidence.